A short trip to New Hampshire

Diane was so Jazzed by our trip to Europe that she insisted on doing a little "leaf peeping"

Last year we visited a delightful Inn in a little town called Laconia about 2 hours North of Boston. We were going for a re-do



The Inn is on Lake Opechee and is called - wait for it - Lake Opechee Inn and Spa. Our room is at the far left with a great view . . .



. . . over Lake Opechee



The first day we took a long drive over the Kancamagus Highway which is famous for its fall colors.



Everywhere you look there are trees getting ready for winter



On the way we stopped at Silver Lake State Park



It has a beautiful beach but we were not tempted to swim.



There was a great playground for the kids and a beautiful red tree



We accidentally came across a covered bridge. It is still in use, and busy, with friendly drivers taking turns on the single lane.



And, of course, beautifully colored trees



Surprise, surprise, a mile up the road was another bridge. This had been restored by the local villagers



It is now used by them for picnics. The architecture was very interesting - the whole weight was taken by two wooden arches that ran the length of the bridge. The arches were made up of nineteen ordinary 2x8 planks glued together to make the beam.



The bridge spanned a lovely shallow river



The next day we went to Diane's must-see shop to buy more books.



I guess it's better than having her spend hours in Nordstrom's






That night we went to The Manor on Golden Pond. A rather splendid Inn where the movie "On the GoldenPond" was filmed



Their restaurant is beautiful to look at, great food, and our waitress was an actor and coach who had been in the film



Next night we went to a great lobster place for dinner but it was closed for the season! Asking around did not get much good advice but the trusty internet came up with The Blue Bistro which is a great lakeside resort.



The dinner was much better than we had expected for a summer resort



Laconia is not much for beauty except for the local church . . .



. . . And the lake in front of the Inn



The reflections were perfect in the early evening



The lake merely got better as the evening wore on



It's worth a second look



So we finally said goodbye for at least another year.

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