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Diane's heritage is Sicilian and she wanted to visit her roots. Fabulous idea --- let's go. Let's go to Sicily first so we can spend as much time as we want.

Going to Europe is quite a journey so, to make it worthwhile, we decided on three weeks. Real Estate busines slows down in September, the weather is still good and the summer crowds have gone --- September it is

We had lots of American Airlines miles so we traded them in for a couple of tickets. The challenge is that American does not fly to Sicily and neither do any of its partners. So we decided to go to Malta which is a small island about 100 miles south of Sicily. It used to be British, so British Airways, an American partner, flies there. Then there is a daily hydrofoil ferry from malta to Sicily.

With three whole weeks in Italy we had time to drive the whole length of Italy to Venice in the North and fly back from there.

So here's how our journey looked. San Antonio to Dallas to London with a few hours in England then on to Malta. By ferry from Malta to Sicily. By car from Sicily

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